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The New Impression is a collection of photographs originally inspired by Impressionist paintings--specifically those of the Pointillists. In the beginning, moved most by the romantic and dreamy qualities of those paintings, I sought to create my own images which might elicit similar feelings. Using film, I employed a variety of analog photographic techniques to create these very grainy, dream-like pictures. As I began to review the work I was making, I found that I was further drawn to--or perhaps obsessed with--several more themes including line, texture, color, emotion, contradiction and isolation. I also began expanding on the variety of environments I was shooting, no longer restricting myself to only what I considered “painterly” subjects. The result is an extensive body of work that explores a new view of contemporary environments--in essence, a new impression of the world around me.

The following is a sampling of The New Impression. Just a few of the subject matters photographed are shown here. In total, it is a large collection and lends itself to many curatorial possibilities. The final pieces are intended to be large-scale prints ranging up to approximately 48" x 72".

To view the work, follow this link: The New Impression. For more information, please write to or call +1.917.282.1811.

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